If you’re searching for an organic, flexible process, fat grafting could possibly be the procedure for you. Fat grafting can be used to rejuvenate the face or improve the body together with your own fat. Fat transport is a remarkably versatile process with an extremely low chance of complication. But before making your decision it is important to understand who’s a candidate, the probable software, along with the surgical procedure.

How Does This Work?

In 3 steps, the process can be summed up To get a transplant process:

Your fat is chosen — To start the process, a donor website previously determined by you and your physician will get an incision created for fat removal by liposuction. When the fat is carefully expressed, it’ll be stored until it’s time to process it further.


Preparation & filtration — Once your fat was chosen, the fat will be ready by removing any impurities then moved into little syringes for fat injection. The fat can be spun in a centrifuge to be able to get rid of any impurities by filtering the fat, which makes it ready for positioning.

Placement/Injection — After sufficient fat is harvested and discharged, the fat is then prepared to be injected into the treatment area. The most frequent method to get a fat graft to be set in the usage of syringes, like a dermal filler could be injected. This may be accomplished immediately or in another moment.


Who’s a Candidate?

The perfect candidate for fat transplant is a patient who’s in good overall health and contains a donor site with adequate excess fat. Besides great health and adequate fat distribution, it’s necessary that you don’t have any flow problems. Circulation problems can stem from health ailments or smoking.


Where do I get it Done?

Fat grafting can be used to improve many regions of the body such as the face, breasts, buttocks and even handson. A number of the most Well-known places to be improved by fat transplant are:

Facial folds and wrinkles — exactly like a dermal filler, your personal purified fat may also be used to fill in folds and wrinkles by incorporating missing quantity to such areas.


Breast augmentation — Rather than utilizing implants, you may use fat grafting to get a subtler augmentation which increases your bust size by one half to a full cup size.

Natural buttocks elevator — While you will find injectables offered for buttock augmentations, fat grafting is unquestionably the best alternative since it’s long-lasting and natural.


Hand rejuvenation — As we get older, our palms have a tendency to reveal it too and also the tendons and bones seem more observable. Fat injections will help add quantity and smooth out the expression of the hands to get a younger appearance.

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